Is Offshore Outsourcing Good or Bad for the US Economy

Here is an interesting article on outsourcing [link removed, article no longer available] from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

It seems the economists are still trying to come to agreement on whether outsourcing causes short or long term dislocations in the US job market.

Some interesting statistics are mentioned, such as a prediction of over 200,000 jobs lost each year until 2015, which is “a trivial problem in the context of the normal chrun of the U.S. economy, where about 7 million jobs were gaind and lost in each of the last four quarters.”

Unfortunately the article’s conclusion is that “Education and reeducation is an investment we can’t afford to outsource.” Of course not, especially since the author of the article is from academia.

But since we are messing up the education thing bad enough the first time through the system, why give them another shot and more money to squander?

How about a little entrepreneurship instead of “reeducation”?

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