Advanced Institute of Management Offshoring Brief

The Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) has released an interesting Briefing Note:

Offshoring of business services and its impact on the UK economy (PDF, 36 pages) [Link removed, full story no longer available].

This report is worth a look, the main conclusions are:

  • Business services provided 50% of the job growth in the UK over the last 20 years.
  • The UK has a trade surplus in business services (the UK sells more services to other countries than they “offshore”).
  • UK Business Services industries are experiencing continued job growth, job losses from outsourcing are small compared to total job creation in Business Services.
  • UK productivity in Business Services has increased (caught up with US, France, and Germany) along with employment growth.

One very interesting aspect of this brief is that it has a tone indicating the UK should use offshore resources to further increase competitiveness with other countries.

AIM gets it.

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