Critical Offshore Outsourcing Skillset for US IT Professionals’ Survival

Here is an article that shows offshore outsourcing is here to stay. Many interesting insites on China and India, however this part about how Wipro’s capability to manage teams that span the globe was most interesting.

This is the kind of offshore outsourcing skills IT professionals need to develop to safeguard, or even enhance their careers.

Take outsourcing firms like Wipro and Infosys, which both count dozens of U.S. tech companies among their customers. Initially, the firms won contracts strictly because the country’s pool of low-priced software engineers offered tremendous savings for companies that needed new software.

But now they are offering more-sophisticated — and profitable — services and moving up the technology value chain.

“This is no longer about renting people and buildings,” said Vivek Paul, chief executive of Wipro Technologies and vice-chair of parent company Wipro Ltd.

The company’s deep pool of engineering talent and experience on managing collaborative teams located on opposite sides of the globe has helped it pioneer an extremely efficient way to design, code and test software.

You can read the entire article on [link removed, article no longer available].

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