Offshore Outsourcing, Why You Need to Make it a Core Competency

This site is all about learning to succeed with offshore software development. You need to make learning to work with an offshore outsource development team one of your core competencies. Here are the top reasons why:

  • In today’s cost constrained environment, the primary way many companies are adding more human resources to software development is via offshore outsourcing. If you know how to work well with an offshore software development team, you will have access to more resources than others.
  • When the competitive landscape changes, failure to adapt is not good for your survival. Offshore outsourcing is a huge change that companies are not able to ignore, so neither can you.
  • There are many useful software projects that never get done for lack of resources. Some companies are getting these done via offshore outsourcing.
  • When work can be done at a lower price, it will be done that way, even when risk is involved. For example, are the guys that cut the grass in your neighborhood legal US residents? Are you sure?
  • If someone else can do what you’re doing cheaper, that’s a wake up call for you to go find higher value work. Software development is on a track to become a commodity skill set. Think about China, which graduates over three times as many engineersas the USA every year. What’s going to happen in a few more years?
  • You need to be on the right side of major industry trends like offshore outsourcing. Fighting against a strong trend with economic benefit behind it is futile.
  • If you don’t embrace offshore outsourcing, someone else will. It may be someone in your company, or someone at a competitor. The ultimate results are not good for you either way.
  • Offshore outsourcing levels the playing field for small companies that could not afford development of large, specialized software applications at US labor rates. This seems like a big opportunity.

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