Interesting Comments on the Seven Mistakes when Hiring a Programmer

Here is an interesting message I got from a freelance programmer in India. Seems my articles on the Seven Mistakes people make when hiring a programmer struck a chord with him.

Always interesting to hear the other side of the story…

I appreciate your article “7 mistakes series”. I am a Freelancer and have faced all the problems you mentioned in the articles.

There are a lot of people on the net who have a couple of dollars and an idea. Most of these buyers post the project on freelancers sites in an anticipation that the project will go perfectly and they will get the program of their dreams despite a very restricted budget.

When hiring from India, perhaps they think, India is a poor and crowded country so whatever amount they decide is the right budget for all the features they want.

The final result is bad remarks on programmer’s skill while he did everything to satisfy his client given the restricted time and budget.

I feel very sorry about those Indian Freelancers who get trapped with buyers, who are good at describing a project’s requirements in 3 lines on a freelancer’s site and then turning it to 3 pages eventually.
Anyways, thats really a good effort from you. Keep writing.


Amit Deo Panwar

Sounds like a smart programmer to me…check out his site at the link above.
Here are the permanent links to the articles “Seven mistakes people make when hiring a programmer”:

Mistake # 1 – Not Understanding The User’s Needs
Mistake # 2 – Unreasonable Expectations
Mistake # 3 – Underestimating the Size of the Project
Mistake # 4 – No Shared Vision with the Developer
Mistake # 5 – Rushing Through the Planning Stages
Mistake # 6 – Letting the Programmer Manage the Project
Mistake # 7 – Not Testing Early, Often, or Correctly

8 thoughts on “Interesting Comments on the Seven Mistakes when Hiring a Programmer

  1. All these 7 were the perfectly identified. I must really appreciate your effort in identifying in them.
    Well my comment at time point is that an offshore outsourcing company if it has all there they can’t flourish in offshore outsourcing.
    Usually companies are very smart in looking unto it and outsource accordingly. A typical example is Health Domino project that has been very closely evaluated before it was finalized with Benchmark Softec Limited, Offshore Outsourcing company.
    Most people apply all the above 7 thinking before they oursource. Perhaps Offshore Outsourcing secret is purely based on all the 7 points.
    Your effort is the ever made best effort on the Internet I have seen till now.
    Thank you for the nice archive

  2. Very nice information shared. In my views the most common mistake in hiring a developer is not estimating the time for project and it can be very dangerous in the final stage of any project. So while hiring any developer first think about the time period in which you have to deliver the project to client .

  3. Clients who are inexperienced when it comes to outsourcing and freelance work typically make the same error. They need to understand that they only get what they pay for. Dirt-cheap rates do little to motivate freelancers to work harder.

  4. Very true. Since India is populated of huge number of developers, it becomes very difficult to hire developer who is qualified, skilled and also dedicated. And because the supply is more than the demand, many skilled developers remain underpaid. Good work!

  5. Thanks for sharing these 7 mistakes when hiring a programmer it can serve as a guide that needs to be avoided when hiring. Testing programmers first before hiring is a good way to screen applicants because sometimes conducting only an interview is not just enough to see the full potential of a person to do the task. Another thing when hiring programmers don’t just stay focus on one area or on the wrong places. It is one of the most common mistakes employers do when hiring. Take a look at this regarding hiring mistakes that you don’t want to do in your business.

  6. I feel for him. Well, clients have really different tastes, and as a programmer with outsourcing tasks, you must be flexible to the wants of your clients. If they give you bad remarks, put it in your “lessons learned” list. So that next time, you will know what to do when being faced with that kind of client again.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

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