Offshore Outsourcing Survey

This is just a quick note to let new readers know about the Offshore Outsourcing Survey.

This is an effort to gather information and make it available to the survey participants in order to improve the effectiveness of offshore software development.

Effective Offshore Staff Management Essential for Successful Outsourcing

New press release from Frost & Sullivan discusses the importance of staff management when working offshore:

“Outsourcing is a continuous process where a conducive environment having a free-flow of information between the home office and offshore staff is critical to avoid cost overruns and project delays,” says Frost & Sullivan IT Consulting Analyst Jarad Carleton.

Multiple time zones complicate the issues surrounding successful completion of outsourcing projects, especially while struggling to meet important project deadlines.

Establishing realistic timelines and performance metrics would allow companies to monitor progress at regular intervals and ensure on-schedule project completion.

Additionally, stringent service-level agreements ensure compulsory adherence to projected cost savings.

Read the entire Frost & Sullivan Press Release [sorry, linked page no longer available].

Offshore Outsourcing Software Development Project Management Research Survey

Do you have a major concern or challenge with your offshore software projects?

Would you like to get advice on how to overcome that challenge from other software professionals?

Do you have experience with offshore software projects that others could benefit from?
The Offshore Outsourcing Software Development Project Management Research Survey gathers information from software professionals on offshore outsourcing projects.
The goal is to identify the biggest concerns or challenges, and the best practices or advices from professionals involved with offshore outsource software development.
Those that complete the survey will receive the results by email, once enough responses are submitted and the data analysis and report is completed.
There are only seven questions, so it only takes a few minutes to complete the Offshore Outsource Software Development Project Management Research Survey.
Complete the survey now to get access to the research report.