Six Indian BPO firms get Net-MR Certification

New Dehli: Six Indian companies have joined a select group of certified BPO providers in the world following a certification by GMI, a provider of integrated software and service solutions for market research.

The story was removed from the Silicon India web site, sorry, no more link.

Move IT Work to Rural America?

Here’s an interesting reaction to the trend towards offshore outsourcing. I’ve run across articles about moving IT work to rural America multiple times, so either it is getting more press than it deserves, or it is a budding trend.

The article was removed from the Miami Herald website, sorry, no more link.

Only 24% Of Outsourced Software Goes to India

With the screaming about all the American IT jobs moving to India, you would never guess that only 24% of the software development that is outsourced is done in India. Where does it go first? To the USA, which gets 40%.

Read the press release on the survey by Evans Data Corporation [Link removed, full story no longer available].

Wipro’s Vivek Paul Is Listed in The TIME/CNN 25 Business Influentials

“The TIME/CNN 2004 Global Business Influentials have released the list of their honorees for 2004. The honorees are a new breed of business leaders who have redefined the way business is done, with innovative management strategies and a commitment to transparency, clear accountability and even helping change society along the way.”
[Link deleted, full story no longer available.]