Don’t Let Your Web Designer Own Your Domain Name

When non-technical people get a website made for them, they sometimes fall into the trap of not getting ownership of their domain name and control of the web hosting account.

Here is a case that I just recently saw. I’m having a driveway gate installed so our kids can play on the driveway without worries about them running into the street.

The gate man we hired has a web site, so I started asking a few questions about it.

I learned that he wants to make some changes, but the person that created the site is not returning gate man’s calls or emails.

I checked the domain, and sure enough, it was registered to someone else, so I explained to my gate guy why he really needs to own the domain name.

If someone else owns your domain name, you can end up with it on all your business cards, have customers using it, then suddenly have the domain name taken away from you.

Our gate guy was lucky, because it turns out his domain was registered by his brother-in-law, so domain ownership was easily transferred.

When you outsource web design, be sure that you setup the hosting account and register the domain yourself. This way the bills come to you for hosting so no one pulls the plug on your hosting for lack of payment and you own the domain name.

At a minimum, you need to be sure the hosting bills come to you and that the domain name is registered to your name before you make the final payment to your web designer.