Does “Business Savvy” Help You in a World of Offshore Outsourcing?

Business leaders and IT experts are disputing an emerging trend in the UK that freelance technologists must be “business savvy” in order to remain competitive on the contract and offshore outsourcing market.

I’d have to say, it can’t hurt, since that was a good resume item before offshore outsourcing was stylish.

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Move IT Work to Rural America?

Here’s an interesting reaction to the trend towards offshore outsourcing. I’ve run across articles about moving IT work to rural America multiple times, so either it is getting more press than it deserves, or it is a budding trend.

The article was removed from the Miami Herald website, sorry, no more link.

U.S. Companies Not Keeping Pace With New Competitive World Order in Technology and Telecom

Found an interesting article on global competitive position of U.S. technology companies.

A new world order of competition is emerging in the global technology and telecommunications industries.

But most North American companies are not keeping pace with the changes, according to a new study conducted by two executive thought leadership organizations, in cooperation with global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney.

In fact, two-thirds of the more than 300 North American executives surveyed say they have not even instituted formal practices for tracking and analyzing their competition.

Effective Offshore Staff Management Essential for Successful Outsourcing

New press release from Frost & Sullivan discusses the importance of staff management when working offshore:

“Outsourcing is a continuous process where a conducive environment having a free-flow of information between the home office and offshore staff is critical to avoid cost overruns and project delays,” says Frost & Sullivan IT Consulting Analyst Jarad Carleton.

Multiple time zones complicate the issues surrounding successful completion of outsourcing projects, especially while struggling to meet important project deadlines.

Establishing realistic timelines and performance metrics would allow companies to monitor progress at regular intervals and ensure on-schedule project completion.

Additionally, stringent service-level agreements ensure compulsory adherence to projected cost savings.

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IT department headed for extinction?

Or is it just evolving?

As business conditions change, IT departments must adapt to maintain their status within the company, says Danny Bradbury. The alternative is irrelevance – and extinction.

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Not Enough IT Workers in the USA?

Surprising paragraph from a recent news story:

For those who have been living through the leanest times on record in the IT industry, it must have come as a shock to learn that, by 2012, the U.S. economy will create 21 million new IT jobs for which only 17 million new IT workers will be produced.

Read the entire article here: Global IT Workforce [Sorry, no more link, article was removed from their website].

Good news for us in the American IT sector.